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Polar animal books for children - a enjoyable and interesting means for younger readers to determine extra in regards to the polar animal adaptations.
This polar animals e-book for children mixes evidence, photographs or even encompasses a video clip part.

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49 50 Antarctic Animals - Insects The Antarctic winged midge is the only winged insect found in Antarctica. It was only discovered in 1990 and is still being researched. However, it has been determined that it has a supercooling ability, the ability to lower its body temperature even below the freezing point, without freezing. 51 52 Midge (Belgica Antarctic) by Tasteofcrayons The Belgica antarctica is a flightless midge in Antarctica. Its flightlessness is believed to be an adaptation to prevent it from being blown away by strong winds.

Gratwicke The black-browed albatross is the most widely distributed albatross, breeding on twelve islands in the Southern Ocean. It gets its name from the dark stripe above each of its eyes. It also has black edges on the undersides of its wings, but otherwise is completely white. The imperial shag is a black and white bird with a blue ring around each of its eyes, which is why it is also known as the blue-eyed shag. It lives in colonies consisting of hundreds of pairs, each laying up to five eggs every year in nests made of seaweed, grass, mud and excrement.

Gratwicke 56 The crabeater seal, the most abundant seal species in the world, is also widely distributed on the Antarctic coast. In spite of their name, crabeater seals eat mostly krill, and have teeth with multiple cusps that are especially designed for sieving and trapping them. Young crabeater seals are the most playful of all young seals in the Antarctic. They gather in thousands and then swim, jump and dive all at the same time. The leopard seal is one of the top predators in Antarctica, feeding on penguins, seabirds and other seals.

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