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The sleeping person can fully prostrate himself without fear or threat. Locking rituals point to the importance of security during times of rest and sleep. Some group members explained that locking doors was an integral element of their bedroom routine.

2). 1). 3). htm[29/10/2009 19:03:48] New Page 0 uncomfortable when I go there. It seems somehow wrong walking to the new place when in the past I’ve gone to the old location. I still go but it seems strange. 2). The experiential stratum associated with attachment to place I call feeling-subject. Feeling-subject is a matrix of emotional intentionalities within the person which extend outward in varying intensities to the centers, places and spaces of a person’s everyday geographical world. 1 Feeling-subject works in two ways: it sustains positive feelings for well used centers and places, and expresses negativity when these centers and places are changed in some way.

50 sharp”: On working days, my father follows the same routine each morning. He automatically gets up at 7 o’clock He doesn’t need an alarm. He puts on some old clothes, goes to the bathroom, then picks up the morning newspaper from the front stoop. He puts two sausages in a pan over low flame. They’ll be ready to eat at 8:15. While they cook, he reads the paper, always sitting in the same chair. He slouches. Just before the sausages are done, he soft-boils an egg; he doesn’t even wash the pan but uses the same water day after day.

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