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By Paul Newman

This updated quantity, the 1st Hausa-English dictionary released in 1 / 4 of a century, is written with language novices and sensible clients in brain. With over 10,000 entries, it essentially covers ordinary Nigerian Hausa but additionally contains a variety of kinds from Niger and different dialect parts of Nigeria.

The dictionary contains new Hausa terminology for items, occasions, and actions of the fashionable global. Its definitions convey using Hausa phrases in context, and specific realization is paid to idioms, figurative meanings, and particular usages. As a consultant to pronunciation, headwords and illustrative sentences are totally marked for tone and vowel size. The booklet adopts a different method of the presentation of verb varieties that clarifies lexical relationships and their right usage.


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ANTONYMS: (n) prudence, sense, sensibleness, understanding, needlecraft, stitch, stitching, forethought, responsibility. fancywork, mend, gather, patch, gruel: (n) mess, congee, loblolly, paste, gathering, binding. shivering: (adj) quivering, shaking, waste, porridge, mush, pap, skilly, wet feed. trembling, shaky, quaking, meddle: (v) intervene, interfere, tremulous, shuddering, chilled; (n) chill, cold, shiver. ANTONYM: (adj) intrude, monkey, interpose, fiddle, pry, dabble, interlope; (n) composed.

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