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By R. F. Price

A Reference ebook of English phrases and words for international technology scholars is a reference ebook of English phrases and words for overseas scholars, for use as an reduction while analyzing books on technological know-how, making notes, or whilst describing experiments. it really is meant to coach the non-technical English phrases and words that are essential to describe and clarify issues and occasions scientifically. directions on find out how to use the e-book are incorporated. made out of 8 chapters, this ebook starts off through introducing the reader to characteristics of items (shape, composition, texture, colour, style and smell). next chapters concentrate on family (quantitative family members and dimension, spatial kin and order, temporal relatives, entire and part); activities (change, movement, strategies and use of apparatus); evidence, innovations, and difficulties in technology; the medical technique; causation and category; and the actual, the overall, and comparisons. This monograph is meant for international scholars who desire to write transparent, concise English and to appreciate extra in actual fact the tools utilized by scientists in fixing difficulties.

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42 ENGLISH W O R D S AND PHRASES F O R F O R E I G N SCIENCE STUDENTS This leaf is now nearly white. It has been decolourised. The alcohol is now green. The alcohol has removed the green colouringmatter I pigment from the leaf. Before the operation the leaf was green and the alcohol was colourless. The water is still colourless. The alcohol has blanched The made the leaf alcohol has Yellow straw can be Yellow straw can be the leaf. changed white. to white by certain chemicals. bleached. Coloured cloth often changes colour after a long time in the sun.

N u m b e r 1 is t h e brightest. N u m b e r 5 is t h e least bright. H e r e is a bright b l u e . T h i s is a deeper blue / a more intense blue t h a n (ii). H e r e is a less bright b l u e . It is a paler tone of b l u e t h a n (i). Both these blues a r e t h e s a m e colour j hue. T h e y differ in brightness / tone. (i) is a darker t o n e t h a n (ii). (ii) is a lighter t o n e t h a n (i). T h e s e t w o hues a r e b o t h b l u e . T h e y h a v e t h e s a m e tone value, b u t t h e y a r e a different colour / hue.

This powder has been made by heating milk to drive off all the water. This powder has been made by dehydrating milk. Here are some crystals of copper sulphate. They contain water. They are hydrated. Here is a powder made by heating the crystals of copper sulphate. There is no water left in the copper sulphate. The powder is anhydrous copper sulphate. 32 E N G L I S H W O R D S AND P H R A S E S FOR FOREIGN SCIENCE STUDENTS Desiccated c o c o n u t is c o c o n u t w h i c h h a s b e e n t h o r o u g h l y d r i e d .

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