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Вторая книга также посвящена «военной машине» - генеральному штабу, с помощью которого Наполеон и его незаменимый начальник штаба Маршал Бертье командовал и управлял огромной армией.

Black magic and gremlins : analog flight simulations at NASA's Flight Research Center

This background of the Flight study middle (FRC) Simulation Laboratory (FSL) describes the improvement of experimental flight-test simulators and the swift evolution of the pcs that made them run. (The FRC was once a predecessor of NASA’s Dryden Flight study middle, Edwards, California. ) Gene Waltman has supplied a soft combination of anecdotal narrative and technical jargon that continues reader curiosity even if the reader is machine literate

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In the mid-nineteenth century there was the invention of mechanical refrigeration, which helped the ice-merchants to reduce storage volumes. During the 1920s small refrigeration units were developed, leading to domestic refrigerators. In due course, this led to the design of highefficiency small-volume deep freezing boxes, mainly to serve the ice cream industry but responsible for the subsequent development of home freezers. Chapter 9 Canning Tin cans were designed to be functional-that is. to contain food for long periods without puncture or interaction of the can and the contents.

Phytic acid is an organo-phosphorus compound found in protein foods, notably in cereals! pulses and nuts. It is common to express phytic-acid content in terms of phytic-acid phosphorus as a percentage of total phosphorus, giving a reduction factor for estimation of the useful phosphorus or, alternatively, of the quantity of phosphorus which needs saturation and precipitation by calcium addition during processing. Phytic-acid phosphorus as percent of total phosphorus Brown Bread White Bread Whole flour White flour Raw oatmeal Polished rice Rye Boiled potato Raw turnip and swede 55 15 70 30 70 61 72 20 Nil Soya Brazil nuts Groundnuts Copra Raw beans Boiled beans Raw peas Dried peas Canned peas 31 86 57 81 70--85 5 11 80 17 Raw root crops are not the only foods with nil percentage phytic-acid phosphorus.

The wall of a drawn can could vary from 12 thou. 5 thou. 5 thou. at the flange. The obvious next stage of development is the wedding of drawn-and-ironed cans to easy-opening ends. CANNING SEQUENCE A typical sequence in canning protein food is: Food preparation Filling Vacuum extraction of air and possible gas flushing Closing and sealing Heating to a controlled pattern Cooling at a fixed rate The food is prepared in much the same way that an efficient housewife might perform but discarded fractions are smaller and the use of machinery helps to reduce preparation loss.

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