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During this engrossing biography, Dorothy Stein strips away the numerous layers of fable to bare a narrative way more dramatic and interesting than earlier debts have indicated

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Ada, a life and a legacy

During this engrossing biography, Dorothy Stein strips away the various layers of delusion to bare a narrative way more dramatic and engaging than past bills have indicated

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1705. The Nung Sang I Chih Lu (Record of Easy Knowledge about Agriculture and Sericulture)* by Cheng ChihChhiao was printed in + 1741. 11 It may be of interest to note that Chhen held the position of governor of Shensi province in the years + 1756 to + 1757. Chou Khai composed his Chhüan Hsiang Min Chung Sang Shuo San Tse (Discussing the Three Rules Encouraging and Assisting People to Plant the Mulberry Tree) 0 towards the end of the +i8th century. *1 In c. 8 The Shan Tso Tshan Sang Khao (Investigation into the Sericulture of Shantung Province)* by Lu Hsien dates from + 1835.

Based on the + 1530 edition. Print of + 1899 {Kuang-hsii Kuangtung fan-kho wu-ying-tien chii-chen-pan tshung-shu-pen"), in 36 ch. Print of + 1898 lithographic print (Kuang-hsii shih-yin pen11), in 22 ch. » See below, chap, (f), (1), (ii). b For details about the number of chiian and the arrangement of the three sections, see Kuhn (1) pp. 20-1. c d e Sung Shih, ch. 205, p. 5207. Amano (8), p. 97. MS (preface). ' Tiian Shih, ch. 93, p. 2354. , Schurmann (1), p. 50. INTRODUCTION 13 Wang Chen has put it differently, more drastically and in a way more readily comprehensible to all readers.

T h e scholar-official and physiocrat Wang Chen and his Nung Shu of +1313—a milestone in the history of the world of treatises on agriculture—may serve as 8 The Hsi Wu Tshan Lüeh (Summary of Sericulture in West Kiangsu) of + 1845 by Chheng Tai-An follows in parts the Tshan Shu by Chhin Kuan. 6 CMTS, ch. hsü (preface), p. 7a; Bray (1), pp. 56-8. c Sun (1), p. xiii. d In Ming times a number of popular-encyclopaedic works existed for this purpose, see Kuhn (a). e McKnight (1), pp. a-4. ' Sun (1), p.

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