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This article addresses the first environmental components affecting humans once they are workout and competing in recreation and gives evidence-based details with a variety of references.

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Neuromuscular Impairment Temperature can have a variety of effects, potentially either positive or negative, on muscle function. Some studies show a higher power output during brief, highintensity exercise with warm ambient temperatures, along with decreased maximal muscle strength with local muscle cooling. Partly based on this rationale of raising muscle temperature, warming up prior to athletic competitions or training sessions is ingrained in many sports. In laboratory settings, the ability of the brain to recruit and activate muscles has been one of the most widely studied potential mechanisms behind heat-related exercise fatigue.

An emerging avenue of investigation in endotoxemia induced by exerciseā€“heat stress is nutritional countermeasures to maintain GI tract permeability. One example is the apparent ability of bovine colostrum, a dietary supplement often used to aid digestion and improve immune function, to decrease the changes in GI permeability. In essence, Heat Stress the colostrum may serve as a coating and sealant of the gut to minimize leakage into the bloodstream. This has been demonstrated in animal models with both colostrum and goat milk powder (Prosser et al.

This is similar to what happens during sleep, so it may reflect a reduced state of arousal in hyperthermic subjects. The functional significance of altered EEG activity remains to be determined, but it is worth noting that the altered brain activity was associated with changes in ratings of perceived exertion during exercise in humans. Subjects continually rated their effort higher during hyperthermic trials; the best predictor of the rate of perceived exertion was a reduction in EEG frequency in the frontal cortex of the brain (Nielsen et al.

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