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By Steffen Bohm, Campbell Jones, Chris Land, Matthew Paterson

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1976). Their approach is also closely related to “timewarping” in speech recognition (Sankoff and Kruskal, Editors, 1983). An essential property of these methods is the ability t o include gaps in correlations. A single stratigraphic unit can be made a gap (not matched) and several adjacent units can be treated as a single gap. The single-gap method was programmed by Howell(1983). In its most general form (Waterman and Raymond, 19871, one o r several adjacent strata in a column can be matched with one or several strata in a second column and deletions within one of these multiple matches also are possible.

On the other hand, many geologists prefer the 144 Ma estimate of Harland et al. (1982) and Kent and Gradstein (1985) for the age of the Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary (cf. 12). , 1988) are providing new tools for the stratigrapher. , 1977) and the 17 composite benthic 6l80 record (Miller and Fairbanks, 1985). The two patterns exhibit a similar long-term trend. , 1988) compares magnitudes of 8 Tertiary sea level events (rises or falls) based on the two methods. These are 3rd order events. In almost all instances, the inferred sea-level change using sequence boundary patterns yielded larger estimated changes than the 6 l 8 0 signal.

Assumption 3 is expendable if co-occurrences by themselves are not used to infer overlap. According to Harper, there are 13 basic relative age hypotheses for any pair of taxa A and B (Fig. 5). Hypotheses numbered 10A-B and 11A-B which assess that the two taxa are sequential in time, may be falsified but not verified using the three assumptions (1-3). Hypotheses 1-9taken individually can neither be verified nor falsified. No single one of them can be verified since any conceivable available data will be consistent with the other eight.

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