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By V.N. Bogaevski, A. Povzner

Many books have already been written concerning the perturbation concept of differential equations with a small parameter. for that reason, we want to offer a few explanation why the reader may still trouble with nonetheless one other e-book in this subject. conversing for the current purely approximately traditional differential equations and their functions, we become aware of that equipment of options are so quite a few and various that this a part of utilized arithmetic seems as an mixture of poorly hooked up tools. the vast majority of those tools require a few prior guessing of a constitution of the specified asymptotics. The Poincare approach to common types and the Bogolyubov-Krylov­ Mitropolsky averaging tools, popular within the literature, will be pointed out particularly in reference to what's going to stick to. those tools don't imagine a right away look for suggestions in a few particular shape, yet utilize adjustments of variables just about the identification transformation which deliver the preliminary procedure to a definite basic shape. Applicability of those equipment is particular via particular sorts of the preliminary systems.

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2). 3 supplies us with a method of reducing operators to the normal form and is a reformulation of the wellknown Schroedinger perturbation theory. In examples we will show that this problem may often be solved by other means. 5 The existence of the Jordan basis and decompositions with respect to eigenfunctions of Xo doubtless imposes severe restrictions. But, as we have already mentioned, they are often satisfied. 3). In problems encountered in practice this condition often fails on a submanifold in D which has the evident 28 2.

Simultaneously it shows once more the connection with the BogolyubovKrylov method. 2. 3 Example: P. L. Kapitsa's Problem: A Pendulum Suspended from an Oscillating Point Let us consider the mathematical pendulum whose suspension point 0' oscillates with a small amplitude and high frequency (as compared with the length of the pendulum and the frequency of its oscillations). 3. Example: P. L. Kapitsa's Problem 55 write the deviations of 0' from a fixed point 0 in vertical and horizontal directions in the form hJ.

But, as we have already mentioned, they are often satisfied. 3). In problems encountered in practice this condition often fails on a submanifold in D which has the evident 28 2. Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations with a Small Parameter meaning of the resonance set (small denominators). Problems connected with the construction of asymptotics in such cases are considered in Chapters 4-5. We will not discuss now what is gained by the above procedure in the general case and will only consider the following simple situation.

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