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In each case, we found that the brand’s website did not have all of these features. We tapped YouTube to house and host the recipe videos and created a mobile program guide similar to the one on your TV screen. The product information was already housed on the brand’s website, so we simply linked to the mobile-optimized page. We had to create the scannable coupon for grocery stores from scratch. We then developed a front-page navigation in HTML housing all of these features, even though each one had a very different source.

The development of a companion action screen was largely driven by the media buying agency because they saw it as a way to drive the sampling of a new product that would be ordered through the mobile screen, thereby providing much-needed data about the individual consumer. The mobile experience created for the brand was built to achieve this objective and the CMO was very excited about the prospects. Not everyone agreed on the introduction of a new way for consumers to get samples. Some of the creative team did not want to initiate a call to action onscreen because they thought it would detract from the 30-second TV spots, which were 48 All Thumbs created at significant expense using A-List Hollywood talent.

Vertical navigation tends to work better than horizontal, especially if you need to add titles, pictures, or share features. ), because it is viewed as the companion screen to the “primary screens” of TV, magazines, web, and even in-store point-of-sale (POS) displays, among others. ” In my humble opinion, the second-screen moniker was invented by people who toiled in traditional media and wanted to suppress rising technologies for fear of the financial impact to their revenues and bonuses. Unfortunately, the same trend appeared in the 30 All Thumbs early days of Internet advertising.

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