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By Rainer Flindt, N. Solomon

"This ebook becomes ragged with use....A labour of affection and directory. impressive Numbers is best than googling, since it has a smart index and also you wouldn't have to plow through an entire load of irrelevance to get what you will have. it is also logically divided into such sections as 'Size', 'Blood' and 'Germination', and, simply for those who ever are looking to cost, all of the proof are referenced. A caution although -- this addictive publication will retain you soaking up ordinary little evidence: dimensions of a bread mould's mitochondria anyone?"

-- BBC Wildlife

With thousands of tables and over 10,000 entries somebody who works or reports within the existence sciences or people with a curious brain will locate specific solutions to many questions requiring comparative info. This e-book is a sincerely laid out presentation of the apparent evidence of existence from all parts of biology. Biology comes alive throughout the proof present in this accomplished reference work.

Warning: anyone who begins to flick thru this publication won't simply cease reading!

From the studies of the former versions:

"A needs to, not just for everybody attracted to biology but in addition for all mom and dad .. `Hey mother, how lengthy does an XX live?´, or as supplementary fabric for normal schooling .." Biotec

"For a long time the booklet .. belongs to the critical instruments of college academics and teachers within the biosciences. but in addition biology academics will locate stimulating principles for his or her classes .." Annals of Anatomy

"Facts and figures that not just tell but in addition entertain .." Focus

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Listed in descending order from shortest to longest twitch. On the physiology of muscles, see also Siewing 1980. After Bertelsmann 1979, Heidermanns 1957 Species Muscle Twitch time (s) Housefly Bumblebee Bee Dragonfly Rock dove Grasshopper Frog Bat European pond turtle Human Frog Pond mussel Wing muscle Wing muscle Wing muscle Wing muscle Wing muscle Jumping muscle Calf muscle Wing muscle Biceps M. 2. 4: Maximum Muscular Strength of Selected Muscles Force in N/cm2 of a muscle cross-section. 5, a figure that combines maximum strength with load-bearing time.

22. 02 mg (mouse) Bufogenin (from toad skin) Bufotenin (from toad skin) Poison from water frog (or pool frog) skin 6–12 mg (rabbit) Dart poison (from Phyllobates bicolor) Batrachotoxin (from P. aurotaenia) Homobatrachotoxin (from P. 22: Effects of Snake Venoms Figures provided represent either the dose that kills half (50%) of the mice injected with it (LD50 , where LD = lethal dose) or the minimal lethal dose (MLD), calculated in terms of 1 kg body weight of the examined animal species (species in parentheses).

The great differences in the data given in the literature on bird flying speeds are based on the fact that no mention is made whether the cited speeds were achieved with or without tailwinds. Data after Bauer et al. 1974, Bertelsmann 1979, Franz 1959, Grzimek 1970, Hanke et al. 11: Jumping Distances of Selected Animals Listed in ascending order according to jump in relation to body length (BL). 2 6–10 max. 10. 13. Listed here in ascending order, according to speed. 13: Flight Distances During Bird Migration The figures represent an outbound or return flight, which means that the annual distance flown is twice as far.

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