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By Vina A. Lanzona

Categorised “Amazons” via the nationwide press, girls performed a crucial function within the Huk uprising, probably the most major peasant-based revolutions in smooth Philippine heritage. As spies, organizers, nurses, couriers, squaddies, or even army commanders, girls labored heavily with males to withstand first jap profession and later, after WWII, to problem the hot Philippine republic. yet in the middle of the uncertainty and violence of uprising, those girls additionally pursued own lives, falling in love, turning into pregnant, and elevating households, frequently with their male comrades-in-arms.     Drawing on interviews with over 100 veterans of the circulate, Vina A. Lanzona explores the Huk uprising from the intimate and collective studies of its girl members, demonstrating how their presence, and the complicated questions of gender, relations, and sexuality they provoked, finally formed the character of the innovative struggle.  Winner, Kenneth W. Baldridge Prize for the easiest heritage e-book written by way of a resident of Hawaii, subsidized via Brigham younger University–Hawaii

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My interviews with these Huk women comprise the core of this book. Because it is important to place these women in the 18 w Introduction historical record, I have used their real names when quoting them or describing their experiences. Only two women asked me to change their names, and I have honored their requests. All in all I conducted formal interviews with over a hundred former Huk guerrillas and supporters, seventy women and thirty-two men, although during the course of my research I talked informally with many more women.

Rule Filipinos became eligible and competed for bureaucratic positions in almost all layers of government. 26 Women’s movements and others, both peasant and working class, that had been marginalized during the Spanish colonial period took advantage of the opening of political space and opportunity during the 1930s to challenge elite 28 w Women at War dominance and play a central role in defining the emergent nation. S. colonial government’s foremost political challenger in the Philippines—the Left.

68 Many villagers, especially in Central Luzon, used these meetings to gather and exchange stories about the Japanese. Women were convinced of the “inhumanity of the invaders” based on stories they heard from other people whether they were true or not. Felisa Cuyugan stressed that “the women in the villages had to look ugly. Why? Because the Japanese were raping them. ”69 This perception during the war was confirmed by Maxima San Pedro, a young peasant woman from Talavera, Nueva Ecija: Women were in a dangerous position because the Japanese were raping them.

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