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12 V. In case of discharge, the minimum voltage level acceptable for a lead-acid battery is defined as discharge voltage threshold. Falling below this threshold is called deep discharge, with which the battery may suffer damage. In case that the battery is left longer after deep discharge, lead of the support structure is converted to leadsulphate in rough-crystalline form, which during charging can be only bad or cannot be converted again anymore. As a result, the battery loses a part of its storage capacity; besides loss of support structure arises as well.

Figure 2-21: Three phase PV diesel hybrid system Figure 2-21 shows an AC-bus three-phase system with three battery inverters, PV string inverters, and a diesel three-phase generator. Additionally the system contains a supervisory control unit, which is in charge of the energy management. For stand-alone application, the output waveform of inverters becomes important. The deviation from the ideal sinusoidal voltage is normally described as total harmonic distortion (THD). For high-quality power supply, the THD of the output voltage should be less than 5 %, which corresponds with the quality of the public grid [8].

From this, PV-Hybrid system, which is combining different energy sources in one supply system, offers the best possibility to use the locally available renewable energies. Hybrid system technology mainly covers the stand-alone systems as well as island grids of small and medium power ranges. Moreover, hybrid system can be expanded to cover regional and trans-regional grids. From the advantages as mentioned, thus the PV-diesel hybrid systems have been increasingly used for supplying electricity in remote and rural areas worldwide.

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