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G It is interesting that Tully persists with the constitutional tradition, re-activating law, he common as seeks to reconcile principles of belonging and freedom. ' Earlier we saw how Nhchel Serres furnished us with a philosophical series of concepts that difference, becoming. By encouraging us to to sought grasp relationality and understand processesof individuation and singularisation, Deleuze and Guattarl's machinic philosophy shifts our attention from those categories understood as already constituted - individuals and groups - in order to grasp relationality in terms of pre-inchvidual and transindividual dimensions that they call singular and transversal.

1997: 231). It is also often described in zero sum terms and "conceived as something which is intimately connected -,-lth , domination authority, or exploitation" (Gatens, 1996: 63). This is akin to the discussedin my introduction.

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