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1) we C 1 space R2, (we write map from shall conditions accept Considering C. ) we say this in 2 R general- the in into that the func- the f(I case 2 R is U 12 )U E k times m,n=l continuously differentiable. To formulate jxj --+ oo, we need a the result on following the two existence of solutions assumptions. 2. 2-3) E C. 9ul UI) U2 E R. R+. qf( 2 I+U2)Ul 2 aul the matrix we mean E s 2 af(UI+U2 2)U1 where E C u N > 2 there case that I [f(JU12)U]1:5 (f2) N 22 = function and let 27 (fl) and let T1, T2 > 0 be arbitrary.

1 boundary. where an w infinite 0 and no k(x) the a C'- 0, then of sequence domain nontrivial and is Section fl is solutions. 3), voted it. 1 tends rapidly Let to zero as f (x, 0') above, under similar :N 22 p < P(xi) Ix, I 2 nontrivial no the maximum of xi solutions. 1). handled, direction. nonlinearities. 5) with. of this of radial so- non-radial the publications among problem with > 0 and 1: I N > 3, x, C, :5 k(xi) < R. We recall that, we C2 de- following the V(xi) it is as show that in the 1, where sufficiently positive some already mentioned bounded a problem problem.

Ri Then, = = = where > r2 Let =r. /o V0 = yo E V0. = inf Y1. = First, (0, a,] since second our an V0 claim arbitrary jyo G By V > 0 G(yo) denote brcause < : y(r) the due to 0 and proved. 5) does these not values with have roots of yo. if Let CHAPTER2. 48 Jy0 I be taken 77M, r,' with < 0 < yo = y'0 = Tm, Yj converging of the rj- < ... r,' < smallest F2n < < There Lemma 11. 3 all We will Proof. exist I be such ym that G(al) = 2 < for all r therefore, 4 rn of ym. 5) Then, Let 1,2,3,.... = as it is proved be proved fml+,.

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